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About Me


I started Awaken To Angels in 2020 with the goal in mind to support others.

My journey started around 5 years ago & a few years later, i realized that my part of my work on earth is helping others.

What i have learnt is that all of us hold natural healing abilities. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

 We are all capable of developing our intuition, holding space for others & offering healing in some kind of way.


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It is important to note that if you do resonate with the above,  it does not make you any different to anyone else.   We are all imperfect & whole beings. 
My goal here is only to  guide others on this journey.

Are you sensitive?


If you have found yourself here because you too are experiencing some kind of awakening, your intuition and emotions are likely to have become much more sensitive.

You may of become much aware of your environment ,be questioning your purpose or witnessing frequent synchronicities from the universe.

It is also common for messages to appear to us in our dreams, you may find you receive intuitive guidance or visions, you may be seeing repeated number sequences (angel numbers) receive sudden downloads of information, see light & so much more.

If you resonate with any of the above information, it is likely that you have experienced some  shift in consciousness.

My goal here is to help give other people the tools on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level to navigate your journey and become your best version. We are all growing & learning daily.

I would love for you to learn how to tap into your own natural gifts & healing abilities.

We all have the capability to help & heal others & participate in the planets evolution.

Remember, your sensitivity is your super power... & your  empathy is your biggest gift!


The angelic realm can help you with your personal healing journey.

Before i started mine , i often found myself easily overwhelmed & drained. What i didn't realize was some of the time, i was picking up on external energy, a common challenge for anyone that can relate to the empath archetype. 

I decided to call in the help of the Angels praying & asking the Archangels to guide me.

One evening a few years ago, i woke up during the night to see a huge white beam of light next to my bedside. This was my first experience of an angel.

I now believe i invoked the help of the Archangel Gabriel & after accepting & allowing the angels into my life, I am now able to work with the angels daily.

I would love to support you, working with yours.

To call in the help of your guides, I suggest to first start by sitting still in a quiet place in meditation / prayer.  Ask your angels to come in & surround you in their bright white light, trust, release & surrender any expectations.

Now all you must do, is know that your angels will show you signs of their presence. Their guidance will become personal to you. Trust your intuition.

 Your angels are one only a call away.

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